So, you love your hair? In fact, this is insane to ask. Each one of us truly loves our hair and want to flaunt it, especially when we are out for a vacation to some exotic destination and want to get that best picture to be shared with our friends. Your hair is your most important fashion statement when it comes to looking fabulous and trendy. But sometimes and in fact, most of the times, hairdryer in a hotel sucks. They are either installed inside a washroom, that is somehow inconvenient to use, or are tied to small cables which are not manageable to bring up to your hair. They are too small or too big and are not attached with the electric socket properly, so every time you pull them near to your hair, the plug comes out!

So, what are some hacks that you can use in a hotel room to get that gorgeous hair?

Here is the list;

1. Go wet: Nothing beats the style that wet hair give to your looks. They look attractive and give you a fresh, direct out of shower look. So, next time, your hotel hair dryer sucks, just abstain from using it and simply give your hair a wet, disheveled look. You will be surprised by how your friends compliment you.


2. Use products, instead: In case you are not happy with your hotel room hairdryer and you are not carrying one yourself, then use the products, like a conditioner, shampoo with extra shine etc to give your hair that beautiful appeal. These products can also be the one provided by your hotel room service, but check the details before using them.


3. Keep a dryer: Yes, this one is the best. Though we all know that all good hotels do have hair dryers installed in rooms, but in order to avoid any problem or if you are uncomfortable using them, keep a small hair dryer as a second line of defense with you. You can also keep a hair-straightner with you.


4. Use brush: Brushes are your best friend, when it comes to making an instant hairstyle, just after you took a shampoo. Brushes come in various shapes and forms, you can use them to de-tangle your hair, or roll them, even you can use them to make different hairstyles. Just be innovative, leave that annoying dryer at its place and use brushes that you are carrying with yourself. You will still look your best.


5. Dry from front first: If you have long hair, this is useful for you. Always use hair dryer to make your front hair dry first. This helps in giving the original look to your hair and managing them also gets easy. You can make any hair-do using the front hair, keeping rest of the hair open or tying them in a loose ponytail.

Whatever hack you follow to make your hair look gorgeous, always remember, nothing beats the confidence with which you carry them. So, go out, enjoy and flaunt your hair, even without using hairdryers!