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5 Green Kitchens That Remind Us of Pantone’s Color of the Year
Pantone announced the color of the year 2017 last week, she has chosen Greenery as the hot color of the year. As described, green is a color of nature that is lively and offer life, when the nature is green, life is seen to be vibrant and hopeful, therefore for green there is much expectation in everything.

Green is described as to be the fresh and zesty yellow, in most case we get reminded as it springs the first days as nature’s greens to renew, restore and revive. Yes in green life is assured, vibration and hope and this is what currently the world need amid complex political and social landscape.
Get prepared to take the green color that brings nature inside our lives, rooms and houses, the green can reduce anxiety, improve self-esteem and heighten awareness within our environment, as green gives life to plant likewise to human race by giving hope.

5 Green Kitchens of Pantone’s Color of the Year are:

1. Green kitchen windows

Lifted from kitchen, keeping with small accent that bring life to the kitchen, with green windows for a plain white kitchen will go unnoticed, you do not need to go all green, green painted kitchen window is enough to give vibration, life, and they are super inviting.

2. Green kitchen walls

Taken from Apartment Therapy, white countertops with green kitchen walls went bold, attractive and vibrant. The plant in the kitchen brought much love as the kitchen boldly portrayed the color of the year. The kitchen gives the love of the nature at its best and one will love everything here.

3. Green chairs

The SF girl bay went beyond by bringing small green chairs to the kitchen, by completing the nature color without the paint, the calmness take the room with love and hope. With minimum kitchen room the chairs are there to compliment the nature color in the kitchen.

4. All green everything

From house beautiful, totally obsessed from greenery color from Pantone’s, all has gone green except the wooden floor and the kitchen rugs, it is a serious dedication to nature and life, remember kitchen gives life through food and this kitchen has complimented it with nature, to make it vibrant and lively.

5. Green kitchen shelves

This has been lifted from Elli, with kitchen shelf lining going green, it is a nice one with yellows, reds and oranges pops, the shelf complete the nature color by proving life and hope to the kitchen without necessarily going wild with Pantone’s Color of the Year 2017.

The greenery color is the best color for the year 2017, with the disturbed world from political, financial and social injustices, green color is there to revive, restore and renew our lives. As green symbolizes hope in nature with abundance in food from all corners of our life right by the plants and the kitchen as well.

5 Green Kitchens of Pantone’s Color of the Year will definitely revive, renew and restore our kitchen and lives, from all injustices and one hope for the green color is love and peace.