So, you love your hair? In fact, this is insane to ask. Each one of us truly loves our hair and want to flaunt it, especially when we are out for a vacation to some exotic destination and want to get that best picture to be shared with our friends. Your hair is your most important fashion statement when it comes to looking fabulous and trendy. But sometimes and in fact, most of the times, hairdryer in a hotel sucks. They are either installed inside a washroom, that is somehow inconvenient to use, or are tied to small cables which are not manageable to bring up to your hair. They are too small or too big and are not attached with the electric socket properly, so every time you pull them near to your hair, the plug comes out!

So, what are some hacks that you can use in a hotel room to get that gorgeous hair?

Here is the list;

1. Go wet: Nothing beats the style that wet hair give to your looks. They look attractive and give you a fresh, direct out of shower look. So, next time, your hotel hair dryer sucks, just abstain from using it and simply give your hair a wet, disheveled look. You will be surprised by how your friends compliment you.


2. Use products, instead: In case you are not happy with your hotel room hairdryer and you are not carrying one yourself, then use the products, like a conditioner, shampoo with extra shine etc to give your hair that beautiful appeal. These products can also be the one provided by your hotel room service, but check the details before using them.


3. Keep a dryer: Yes, this one is the best. Though we all know that all good hotels do have hair dryers installed in rooms, but in order to avoid any problem or if you are uncomfortable using them, keep a small hair dryer as a second line of defense with you. You can also keep a hair-straightner with you.


4. Use brush: Brushes are your best friend, when it comes to making an instant hairstyle, just after you took a shampoo. Brushes come in various shapes and forms, you can use them to de-tangle your hair, or roll them, even you can use them to make different hairstyles. Just be innovative, leave that annoying dryer at its place and use brushes that you are carrying with yourself. You will still look your best.


5. Dry from front first: If you have long hair, this is useful for you. Always use hair dryer to make your front hair dry first. This helps in giving the original look to your hair and managing them also gets easy. You can make any hair-do using the front hair, keeping rest of the hair open or tying them in a loose ponytail.

Whatever hack you follow to make your hair look gorgeous, always remember, nothing beats the confidence with which you carry them. So, go out, enjoy and flaunt your hair, even without using hairdryers!





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5 Green Kitchens That Remind Us of Pantone’s Color of the Year
Pantone announced the color of the year 2017 last week, she has chosen Greenery as the hot color of the year. As described, green is a color of nature that is lively and offer life, when the nature is green, life is seen to be vibrant and hopeful, therefore for green there is much expectation in everything.

Green is described as to be the fresh and zesty yellow, in most case we get reminded as it springs the first days as nature’s greens to renew, restore and revive. Yes in green life is assured, vibration and hope and this is what currently the world need amid complex political and social landscape.
Get prepared to take the green color that brings nature inside our lives, rooms and houses, the green can reduce anxiety, improve self-esteem and heighten awareness within our environment, as green gives life to plant likewise to human race by giving hope.

5 Green Kitchens of Pantone’s Color of the Year are:

1. Green kitchen windows

Lifted from kitchen, keeping with small accent that bring life to the kitchen, with green windows for a plain white kitchen will go unnoticed, you do not need to go all green, green painted kitchen window is enough to give vibration, life, and they are super inviting.

2. Green kitchen walls

Taken from Apartment Therapy, white countertops with green kitchen walls went bold, attractive and vibrant. The plant in the kitchen brought much love as the kitchen boldly portrayed the color of the year. The kitchen gives the love of the nature at its best and one will love everything here.

3. Green chairs

The SF girl bay went beyond by bringing small green chairs to the kitchen, by completing the nature color without the paint, the calmness take the room with love and hope. With minimum kitchen room the chairs are there to compliment the nature color in the kitchen.

4. All green everything

From house beautiful, totally obsessed from greenery color from Pantone’s, all has gone green except the wooden floor and the kitchen rugs, it is a serious dedication to nature and life, remember kitchen gives life through food and this kitchen has complimented it with nature, to make it vibrant and lively.

5. Green kitchen shelves

This has been lifted from Elli, with kitchen shelf lining going green, it is a nice one with yellows, reds and oranges pops, the shelf complete the nature color by proving life and hope to the kitchen without necessarily going wild with Pantone’s Color of the Year 2017.

The greenery color is the best color for the year 2017, with the disturbed world from political, financial and social injustices, green color is there to revive, restore and renew our lives. As green symbolizes hope in nature with abundance in food from all corners of our life right by the plants and the kitchen as well.

5 Green Kitchens of Pantone’s Color of the Year will definitely revive, renew and restore our kitchen and lives, from all injustices and one hope for the green color is love and peace.

10 Things That Smell Like Fire for People Who Don’t Have Fireplaces

best pressure cookerBeginning a fire makes moment merry feels — that’s, in case you’re sufficiently fortunate to have a practical wood-smoldering fireplace. Yet, those who can’t illuminate the logs (or even have gas-controlled flares) need to get sly when we need that mystical fire smell.

Where to turn? Luckily a group of organizations have begun to jug that mark open air fire like aroma. So whether visitors will be coming, or you simply need to twist up on the sofa and get your comfortable on, there is a fire-scented light, diffuser, or shower to set a frigid disposition.

1. Ski House Candle, $60 at the LAFCO: We can not all manage the cost of a winter chalet. However, overdoing it on a favor soy light that odors like blazing wood and fresh mountain spruce? That is somewhat more feasible. There is even a hand & bar cleanser form to coordinate.

2. Winter Wonder, $14 at the Anthropologie: Fire smell is not only for school coeds and flower children. Attempt Illume Woodfire aroma, a comfortable noticing mix of golden, nutmeg, cedar, & vetiver with rich cowhide undercurrents.

3. Diptyque Feu de Bois, $62: The OG of the smoky-scented candles is currently accessible on the Amazon Prime — ideal for a minute ago sorts who require a measurements of feeling.

4. Woodsmoke & Amber Room Spray, $22 at the Sydney Hale Co.: This is a Virginia-based a couple group made this little clump woodsy fragrant shower out of natural sugarcane liquor. What is not to love? Fog your cloths or couch, or set a container out in the lavatory.

5. Cozy by Fire Candle, $28 at the Yankee Candle: Once you need a considerable measure of blaze for your buck, the Yankee’s 22-ounce shake conveys up to 150 hours. Comfortable by the Fire brings out an outdoorsy, the crackling fire smell together with sweet clues of ginger, orange clove.

6. Amber and Smoke Diffuser, $26 at Paddywax: For spots where you can’t smolder a flame (ahem, dormitories!), this vintage pharmacist propelled diffuser can squeeze hit with its exemplary smoky fragrance.

7. Elements of Fire Candle Medium, $115 at Tom Dixon: High-plan meets that fireside with this smooth flame that uses a perplexing mix of Cypriol oil, golden & musk to make its smoky burned timber aroma. It’s really expensive, however at any rate it smolders for 40 hours.

8. Capri Blue Fire & Firewood Fragranced Votives, $18 for six at the Anthropologie: These little folks have the ideal toss for any powder room/ an ace shower. Light a couple for a fruity-meets-woodland, unobtrusively smoky smell.

9. Hearth Reed Diffuser, $42 at the Nest Fragrances: The Frankincense (a fundamental oil that is accepted to calm anxiety and uneasiness) includes a smidgen of old-world of exoticism to this sweet-smelling smoky mix.

10. Firewood Travel Candle, $15 at the Henri Bendel New York: Just on the off chance that you require a blazing fix when far from home, Bendel’s interesting mix of birch, cedar, & sandalwood will travel.

Yes, fireplaces go about as warm air vacuums that drain the warmth appropriate out of your home. Yes, the support and cleanup can abandon you canvassed in fiery remains and revealing your sentimental tasteful dreams. In any case, nothing can beat the smokey notice that waits in your sweaters and cushions long after the fire has ceased to exist.

Delicious Meal Plan for Weight Loss

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Attaining your ideal lean and ripped body effectively requires the employment of a nutrition program, designed training, fat loss, and supplementation. Sugary beverage intake significantly associated with weight gain and obesity. White fat not only expands your abdomen but also settles around your organs setting you up for serious health issues problems. Please use the air fryer reviews guide to cook healthy fried food low in calories and fat. You will want to adopt a program that will effectively get your tummy flat by shedding all fats along the waistline in a short period of about two weeks. Having a lean ripped body is everyone’s desire. This brief overview explores a few proven strategies that are very effective in eliminating fat in the body.

Delicious Meal Plan for Weight Loss

· Add a fruit to your breakfast routine- You can stir berries or bananas into your sweet cereal, yogurt or oatmeal. This makes your cereal sweeter and more nutritious. If you are taking fried eggs, add tomatoes, pepper, onions or mushroom the result is a delicious omelet. Also, drink a glass of 100% fruit juice with your breakfast. Adding these dressing will ensure you have a tasty yet very nutritious meal.

· Double veggies intake- In case you are preparing a soup, sandwich, pizza, pasta or casserole use more vegetables than the usually required amount. Stir in healthy veggies into your soup. This will enhance the flavor of the soup give adequate nutrients to your body. In case you are preparing a White Bean Soup with Kale and Chorizo, you can use double the level of kale or even add chopped carrots, red bell peppers or other vegetables. Put extra vegetables such as tomatoes or pepper to your piece of pizza.

· Include a new vegetable to your diet each week- Experiment with different vegetables and fruits each week. Visit the market and buy a fruit of vegetable that you have never eaten then add it to your diet then invite a friend to try the meal with you. Read cookbooks and use some of the fruits or vegetables used in making special recipes. The body needs a variety of nutrients and the best way to have a healthy life is to eat different foods.

· Prepare salads- Prepare salads to eat with the rest of your food. Salads have a high nutritional value. Include different fruits and vegetables in your salad such as dark green, leafy vegetables, crunchy toppings and fruits with different colors. You can dress your salad with healthy olive oil to make it more nutritious and healthy. Eat a salad every day. You can, for example, prepare one cup of dark leafy greens plus 1/2 cup of veggie or fruit toppings to make a salad serving for two people

Top, Evidence-Based, Tips on Losing Fat

· Load up on Protein- Protein is a vital macronutrient when it comes to losing weight. Proteins reduce cravings by 60%, increase metabolism by 80-100 calories enabling you to eat 441 fewer calories each Protein helps you lose weight and also avoid regaining the weight. Evidence shows that proteins are useful in fighting fat accumulation.

· Exercises- Another effective strategy for losing weight is doing exercises that target the abdomen area. Certain types of activities such as doing sit-ups and press-ups help you lose fat fast. For practical results, combine abdominal exercises with other types of activities such as running, swimming and walking. Exercise reduces inflammation and lowers blood sugar levels among other health benefits.

Repeat the diet for a period of 4-Weeks and you will get effective results.


The 7 Ways to Make a Small Space Seem Less Claustrophobic

When you have a small space, you want to make it as feel and cozy as possible. However, a small area is often prone to becoming cluttered. Luckily, there are several strategies that you can employ to make your room look elegant and clean. This brief overview looks some of the most effective ways to make your small space look less claustrophobic.

The 7 Ways to Make a Small Space Seem Less Claustrophobic

· Use simple window coverings- Long curtains give a dramatic look and can make your room feel cozy and soft. However, if the curtains pull to the ground too much especially next to your furniture they may make your room appear cluttered. Also, ensure you do not use too many rugs in one room as they can give the feeling of confusion. Ensure you use simple textile to make the room feel wide open.

· Use furniture that pulls double-duty and de-clutter-You want to make your space feel airier hence you will need to use less furniture. The most important step is to get rid of all waste or products that you no longer use from your house. If it is old furniture that you no longer use, sell it or donate it to a charity. Proceed to make the furniture that you are left with serve more functions. A good example is using an upholstered ottoman doubles as coffee tables or even extra seating space.

· Do not buy oversized pieces of art- Oversize art is beautiful, but it may make your room look cluttered. Though big art makes a dynamic look, they can feel imposing on a small room. If your wall collages are too large, they can make your room appear busy. A moderately sized art will compliment your perfectly.

· Rearrange furniture- Furniture arrangement plays a significant role in de-cluttering a room. Arrange furniture according to size by placing the small furniture at the front and the large furniture at the back. Bulky furniture should not be placed in a room’s entrance. The heaviest furniture should be placed farthest from the door next to the wall. You don’t want to feel like the furniture in all over your face when you walk into a room. Therefore, you should try balancing space.

· Use paint to disguise or unify- You can camouflage your furniture and take away its visual weight by just painting your wall the same color your furniture is. A camouflaged furniture does not grab attention quickly as it does not feel imposing or heavy making your room appear spacious. You can also use paint to hide large things or disguise unwanted things in your room. Things such as fans give visual clutter, and you can easily conceal them with paint.

· Keep surfaces clear and free of unnecessary clutter- While people like to display all their favorite items or furniture on surfaces it may make your home appear cluttered. Keeping your surfaces clear and clutter-free can have a significant impact on the airiness of your room. Try clearing all surfaces and remember some surfaces look better while empty.

· Use Mirrors- Mirrors spread light in a small room. Mirrors also make your space feel bigger than its actual size. They also make your walls feel less stable.

Make the informed decision of de-cluttering your room and make it feel cozy and elegant.